Writing speed observation



i noticed when writing at 8x with the 716A, the speeds will get close to it, but then substantially fall to 2-4x before it goes back to 6x. this erratic behavior concerns me because my plextor is relatively brand new with 0306 code. i haven’t tried writing at 12x or 16x because i want to finish my old media. i haven’t updated to firmware 107 yet either because i doubt that this would be the cause since that basically relates to better write compatibility at the higher speeds. i’m just using 8x right now. my setup is optimal with the plextor as master on my primary, and benq1620 as master on my secondary. nothing is running on slave. i will try to burn at 8x with my benq to see if i get similar results. but i hate wasting media for testing purposes. just wondering if anybody has experienced similar up and down writing speeds with their 716A. it did it regardless of the media brand or the software i used.


It’s called PoweRec.


Just to add a litle more info :wink: PoweRec is a measurement that monitors the write quality and when it detects that there is an increase in errors, it will reduce the write speed. There is nothing to worry about here, it’s completely normal. If you however feel that writing at 8X should be possible and the error rate is acceptable (you can check this by performing a PI/PO test with PlexTools or PXInfo) then PoweRec can be disabled. This is not recommended though as it can result in an unreadable disc. Here is a Nero CD-DVD Speed image that shows PoweRec kicking in at the end of the write process:


If PoweRec is disabled where the drive ‘doesn’t know’ the disk, that could be very bad. However, so long as someone’s tested burns with p/r off and sees that either errors are acceptable (or in some cases even better), p/r can be disabled. I have to do that, since with p/r on, my px-716a tries to burn Fuji 8x DVD+R MIJ (Yudenty000-t02-00) at 16x and unfortunately did improve on them after 3 burns. (I think the a/s p/r must have been calibrated for the non-branded Taiyo Yuden of the same MID, as someone posted they’re rated at 8x but can be burned beautifully at 16x with p/r on.) So, I disable p/r, then open CopytoDVD Manager to set the burn speed to 12x…and I get almost the same burn on the ty000-t02-00 as I would at 8x (p/r also disabled). Curiously, I found that the ‘maximum speed’ without huge error spikes for this media is 12.97x. I emailed Plextor (US) with the data, but only God knows if they’ll put it into the next fw… Curiously, though, you have to disable p/r in Plextools before you burn, and you have to repeat it if you reopen Plextools for some reason or restart your computer, as it’s obviously the default setting to have it on. However, always leave Autostrategy enabled, and after you disable p/r, use the A/S Media quality check: insert a blank media and test it at the speed you want to burn it at (up to 12x) to see if A/S says you can.


Mooch49 what media did you use?


my media is from a spiral of TDK’s 8X that i bought a few months ago. the weird thing is when i first used them in the 716A, i didn’t notice any speed drops. that’s why i was a little surprised to see this happen all of a sudden. i never fool around with anything in plextools. never did one test or disabled anything. i just got this drive a couple of weeks ago and basically just plugged in and that was it. i also use my benq1620 for burning. still have to see if these speed drops happen with it as well. but thanks for all the feedback fellas. now i am aware of such features as powerrec. i will not disable anything, maybe it’ll just take the plextor a few more burns till break in.


Drives don’t need any break-in. They’ll either work or not. Media, however, can vary quite a bit in a spindle, especially if they haven’t been stored properly. What’s the ADIP on the TDKs? That will give you the vendor and a good idea of media quality.


Theoretically, if a Plextor 716a burns ‘unknown media’ that’s not included with a writing strategy in the firmware, then the claim is that on the 3rd burn your results will be as good as they will get (lowest amount of errors), and that’s the only kind of ‘break in’ I’ve heard of. Otherwise, Bob is right–the drive will either work well or work poorly to start out. Do as he said–check the media ID (you can check that in Plextools Professional under CD/DVD Info) on those TDKs. If they are the DVD-R 8x 50pk from Best Buy, they’ll likely come up as CMC MAG E01-00. There are some CMC MAGs that are good quality, but those are coasters waiting to happen. I wouldn’t feel good about letting a Plextor burn them, even with A/S, P/R enabled to help and all the testing they’ve done on media and included in their firmware. Otherwise, in general, the speed drop at the end would be P/R kicking in to lower the write speed because it detected too many errors at the previous higher speed. That speed falloff would happen around the 4 gb point, where if it was trying to reach a speed of 16x, it will lower it to around 12x.