Writing short lead-out

I recently bought a new DVD-RW drive from staples. its a digital research technologies 16XDVD-RW drive (compatible with both DVR-R & +R).
i tried to back up my files on sony 1x/8x DVD-R dvds, using the Nero 6 software which came witht the drive (i also downloaded the updates to
However it keeps on giving this error which goes something like this (if i remember correctly(

-it starts cahing

  • then it says “started burning at 8X”
  • after a minute or so “Writing error”
  • then it says “writing short lead-out”
    -the process then gets stuck sometimes for several minutes until i abort it

I have dell P4 with windows xp (with SP2). I also checked DMA which is “on”.

Any one has any suggestions (in simple not too complicated words), otherwise i’ll keep on wasting those expensive dvds.

Try turning off the short leadout. Not all drives support it and some crash (as in your case).

Its under preferences, somewhere, in nero itself.