Writing RAM media what software do I need?

Ive heard of Nero INCD but isnt that supposed to be evil?lol what should I use to write to 9.4gb ram discs???

From what I’ve been told, InCD has various bugs.

The recommended thing to use is Panasonic’s DVD-RAM drivers. These normally check if you have a Panasonic writer when you try to install them, but there is a hacked version that avoids that check (and so should install happily with most writers). That is available here :


9.4 GB RAM discs? Would that be 2-sided discs?

If you have Windows XP, the Panasonic driver is your best choice for any burner.

Does that version work with a Pioneer drive Karangguni?

I have 6 RAM drives. It works with all of them. Once it is installed, it seems to do just fine.

Yep, in theory once you have the driver you just format the RAM disc as a standard HD (FAT32 or even NTFS I think) and use it… as a standard HD.

Though I admit I was totally ignorant of the fact that there were 9.4GB RAM discs… :eek:

yeah i saw them at SPV :bigsmile: I’ve bought 2.



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@Franck - I didn’t know about them either, til Greg mentioned them :eek:

I too would give the RAM drivers a go.

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Don’t have a Pioneer drive but I don’t see why it shouldn’t. It works with most DVD-RAM capable writers. Don’t worry that your drive isn’t a Panasonic.

I [B]think[/B] that once the DVD-RAM is formatted as , say, UDF 1.5 then the presence of the driver is irrelevant. Just drag & drop with explorer.

The Panasonics I’ve got came formatted so I don’t think I needed the driver. I stress the “I think” here.

BTW I knew about the double-sided DVD-RAM disks.

They’re not 9.4GB discs as such: “Double Sided” = you have to flip them over :slight_smile: .

Also “Cartridge Type” = not what you’d normally get for a Pio 111 as it doesn’t use it :confused: .

They come out of the cartridge. OMG how lame is that lol double sided :sad: ah well, I suppose the point of double sided discs is just to have more data on less discs. Cant wait to stuff all my photos and random stuff on there :bigsmile:

can i get a hug cus im so cute? :bigsmile: lol I dunno, SPV sounds better :iagree: ess-pee-vee :slight_smile: SVP sounds too close to MVP which is kinda lame lol.

But yeah, I wonder if they are twice as risky as normal dvd ram discs as both sides need to be taken extra care of :eek:

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I’d be interested in how they hold up after a few months, now you mention the “risky” thing. My feeling is they should be fine if handled carefully, but you never know!

You are mistaken. Without the driver, all you do is read the disc.

The Panasonic driver will work with [B]any[/B] RAM burner in WindowsXP, as long as XP identifies the burner as a RAM burner. The Win2000 driver uses an INI file with a list of burners, which can be modded to match any burner’s ID string.

I guess they might be alright as I only backup my photos and other stuff once every 2 months or so.

The big problem with double sided RAM is that a number of users have said they have problems with some drives. Also they are more prone to damage and they cost waaaay more than 2 normal discs, which I get for a few cents over $1.

Not way more really, Over in the UK they cost 2 dollars more. The single side ones cost £2.50 or about 5 dollars. The dual disc ones are £3.49 or about 7 dollars.