Writing quality with different apps

During my testing with various media testing I noticed a strange effect:

I used to backup my audio cds with CloneCD (which still is a great tool, especially in combination with the Plex Premium :slight_smile: )

As I got some some reading problems with a copy protected CD, I switched to Alcohol which worked/works flawless.

After checking the burnt cd with Plextools, I noticed that the writing quality was significant better…

I did some testing with CloneCD/Alc which confirmed the first results: Burning with alc seems to achieve better writing quality.
Nero gives better results too.

Maybe CloneCD copies without correction?
Any suggestions? Or can somebody confirm?

I don’t have actual experience with these specific programs (apart from Nero), but I confirm that different apps may give very different burning qualities. No question about it.

Use what give you the best results :iagree:

There’s your answer. The whole point of CCD was to copy protected CDs (games originally IIRC). And since many game protection used bad sectors as part of its protection, CCD was designed to write those sectors exactly as they are, therefore no error correction.

That are exactly my thoughts! :iagree:
This was the reason why I bought CloneCD ages ago.

Thanks for that!

AAAaaaaaaaaa! OK! Learnt something important today :smiley: - Thanks Eluder :cool: