Writing Problems with CMCMAGE01 on LG4120



Dear Forum Members,
I have the LG-4120 for about 1/2 year. Started burning Platinum with RICOHJPRN02. Was very happy with it, burning at 12x. :slight_smile: Therefore I purchased another couple of Platinum spindles, but these were different as I only burned coasters. I tried again a Platinum from my first purchase and that burned without problems. I found out that all the coasters I made, were CMCMAGE01. :a

I am currently running with A111 and Nero

In this forum I read that some of you have no problems with the CMCMAGE01. Perhaps there is someone who can tell me how to solve the problem. Attached is the log-file.



Iā€™m getting good results with LG +R X8 CMC MAG E01 on 4120B.

This probably shows that CMC provides many different disc qualities under the same media code, depending on the buyer or have very poor quality control.


Iā€™d return them to the shop and ask for refund or exchange.


My Platinum 8x CMCMAGE01 would only burn 8x with good result in NEC 3500 or NEC 2500. Failed in Plextor 712A at 8x, could only burn 4x.

The Platinum RICOHJPRN02 burns excellent 12x Plextor 712a, NEC 3500A and Bena 1620.

Bought Infiniti 8x that turned out to be CMCMAGE01. But what a difference, burn 12x in NEC 3500 and 8x in Plextor 712A and Benq 1620 with excellent result.