Writing problem with Lite-On LDW-811S

I recently purchased an external Lite-on LDW-811S DVD Burner. I’ve read that many people have had problems with these units, but have yet to find a solution. I am running XP, drive is detected and works fine as a regular DVD player, etc. I cannot burn to DVD-R. I have also read that some have had problems with DVD-R in conjunction with this drive as well, but has anyone found a solution? Or are they just incompatible? I have updated the firmware to HS0Qm and have tried using a couple different software - DVD Xcopy, which doesn’t recognize the blank media at all (although no problems with the drive as far a normal media), and My DVD, which actually started to burn to the DVD-R (I got happy), then crapped out about a minute into it with a buffer overrun. Any tips would be appreciated - thanks!

Does it happen with all dvd-r or just with a selected brands? What media brands are you using?

uninstall your DVDXCOPY because it is known for software conflicts. Is your external hooked up via USB or FIREWIRE?

VAD - So far I’ve only tried one brand - Comp USA DVD-R. I guess I will go out and try another brand… should I be able to use either DVD-R and DVD+R as well?

DVD ADDICT - I uninstalled DVDXCOPY and tried to use Sonic RecordNowDX that came bundled with the drive. Still no luck, I will buy a different brand media and try that, however, should Sonic RecordNowDX work for recording copy-protected DVD’s? I thought that the older DVDXCOPY was supposed to bypass that, but if the RecordNowDX does the same thing, that’s great. I also have the Nero6 suite if that would work, but no luck. USB2.0 is the external hookup I am using.

Thanks both…

CompUSA DVD-R, IIRC, are Princos. :z :z

Try something else. Preferrable +R. Because +R generally (but not always) does better than -R on a LiteOn and because +R can also potentially burn faster than -R. :wink:

Try some branded media! (Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, RICOH).
And u can use the rest of your CompUSA to put your beer-glass on it…can’t do anything better with them…