Writing Problem after Booktype change



I have a new Lite-On 1693. I used the Booktype 135 utility to change the DVD+R booktype to DVD-ROM. I then tried to write the disk using CloneDVD2. The first movie wrote okay. Took nine minutes instead of the usual five, but it produced a working movie. However, the second movie wouldn’t write a working disk. After creating two coasters, I set the booktype back to normal and wrote it as a DVD+R. It worked fine and only took the usual five minutes. Any suggestions?


You didn’t name the media you are using(?)

I’d also suggest that you are trying to burn too fast. Set CloneDVD to burn 8X rated media at 4X. Burn 16X rated media at 8X.

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They are HP media, and Smartburn says they are made by CMC. Looking at the Lite-On FAQ, it says: ‘CMC media is also highly variable, especially their 4x media. With the help of strategy switches, CMC “plus” media can be made to work well at 8x on LiteOn drives’.

So, would you recommend I read up on “strategy switches” or, first, try it at 8X instead of 16X?

Also, I only have a few of the HP disks left. I have about 90 Memorex which Smartburn says were made by Philips. The Lite-On faq doesn’t mention Philips media. Have you heard anything about Philips? (I could return 50 of the Memorex, that I haven’t opened. They seemed cheap at 30 cents each, and I was uninformed when I bought them.) They have TDK at Costco for 40 cents each. The FAQ says that TDK is made by Ricoh and should be okay.



I believe poor quality media is your whole problem. The companies you mentioned just farm out their manufacturing to the lowest-bidder factories and re-bag the media with their brand names. They have taken our over-lobbied Washington DC’s policies of allowing big business to “outsource” to it’s highest, nightmare level. Memorex, in particular (but the others mentioned too), should be prosecuted via class action for taking people’s money and providing worthless product all these years. They change manufacuring specs often even though the retail packaging looks the same. And disk quality often varies within the same damn spindle of disks!

So, would you recommend I read up on “strategy switches” or, first, try it at 8X instead of 16X?
I don’t understand why people fool around with procedures like this … just buy good media and booktype to ROM. And, with your 1693 burner in particular, burn at half the rated speed of the media as posted above. BenQ burners are a bit more reliable at faster speeds (and booktype flawlessly) but I still recommend that you never set CloneDVD to burn at “MAX” (set it at least one or two notches below the media rated speed) even with the BenQ burners.

Get rid of [I]ALL[/I] the media you currently possess. Return them if possible or just throw them out and consider it a lesson learned.Stop using cost per disk as your criteria for purchase. Stop buying in your local stores if these are the only selections offered. Shop online to get what you need. Good media is just about the same price as the store-shelf junk you are now buying when bought in bulk spindles of 50-100.

Buy Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, or Sony (if the label says Made in Japan). Some cdf members like Fuji (if mij) and may also post that on this thread. Again, poorly rated media is your whole problem. Even if you [I]can[/I] get your burn to work in your player today, your backups will stop working in six to twelve months and you will get the famous “No Disk” or “Dirty Disk” error message from you player.

Also check monthly (at least) for firmware updates for your LiteOn burner. The whole purpose of firmware updates is to include new media recognition information for your burner (but don’t count on the poor media companies to even report new specs to the burner manufacturers for inclusion in firmware updates).

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I took advantage of the Costco coupon “buy 1 get 1 free” TDK DVD+R media offers 2 years in a row. It drives the unit cost down to $.22/disc.
Last year it was inkjet printable 8x TDK media (it is CMC media). I’ve used up the media in one stack from that purchase. I’ve had no problems with it - burning at 4x in my Benq 1620 burner (with booktype set to DVD-ROM).

This year’s TDK media looks the same - but is actually 16x media (also CMC). I tried burning it at 8x. It works fine 90+% of the time - but struggles at the outer rim of the media occasionally - where the write speed tends to maximize. Since I switched to burning it strictly at 4x - no problems, so far.

So - if you go for TDK DVD+R media, expect it to be CMC and do not plan on burning at the advertised maximum burn speed of the media.