Writing/printing on CDRs

Hi Im new here. How do u guys write on or print labels, etc. your CDRs. I am very tired of attempting to write on CDRs and having the marker smudge, etc.

I see there are a large number of variants of TY CDR for different types of labeling. Please tell me about the different options. I do not have an inkjet printer but I would still like to know a little about printing cdrs with them.


Only few Epson and Canon printers allow printing with inkjet printer.
There are two inkjet printable disc types: white and silver. You should look at both, some people prefer white for contrast and others prefer silver for cool look.
There is also thermo printable disc, but that’s for professional-grade Rimage printers.

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You can write on CDRs (and DVD-/+Rs) with a permanent marker (commonly known as a Sharpie, or CD-R pen). This will not smudge, I use a set of them myself.

I don’t have a disc printer either, but I believe the discs should say “Printable” or words to that effect on the packaging.

I believe some Epson printers can print discs, as well as certain Canons. I don’t know much about printable discs, but hopefully someone else can give you a better idea.

Another alternative, is to use a burner which supports Lightscribe or Labelflash. Again, the discs should say “Lightscribe”, and the drive does the label work for you.

Finally, under no circumstances should you use sticky labels on your discs. It’s asking for trouble sometime down the line. :wink:

Playing catch up here. To add to arachnes’ comments. The Epsons have “Premium quality photo printer with direct CD/DVD printing”. This is imortant wording because if you plan on printing a lot of discs then you may need to think about investing in a dedicated disc printer.

If you are in the UK be quick if you want to get one of the Epsons that print on discs as they seem to be getting phased out entirely as the newer batch numbers are hitting the market (r245). After my R200 died it took me ages to find the R220 and I bought the last 2 in the whole of Manchester for myself and my friend. Though he wanted it for the photo printing only.

Though this seems only to apply to physical shops I have seen them still for sale on SVP.

as arachne says you can easily just use a [U]permanent[/U] marker. Epson printers are also great for getting proffessional results. svp.co.uk has cd marker pens, as well as lots of other places. The key word is ‘cd’ marker pen. as long as it says that there shouldnt be any smudging. Obviously you have to give it a few seconds for the ink to dry.

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Sharpie Marker

While I agree that EPSON printers provide professional results, there is one disadvantage to using them - They fade in time and they are NOT water resistant. Even after letting dry for days / weeks, if your fingers are barely humid and you touch the surface, ink will come off your hands - (Even if your hands are fairly dry and yo u push hard enough you can smudge the ink). Those who are looking for professional results, long lasting ink and smudge/water proof should look at pigment based printers like EPSON R800 (on the expensive side). :slight_smile:

I use an EPSON R200 myself it provides excellent quality, I take care not to touch the disc with wet fingers :slight_smile: However I am considering an EPSON R800, which includes a gloss optimizer (they even have refill kits for that too :D)

is there not a spray you can put on your printed disc’s to stop the smudging?

Now why would anyone touch a NON-printable disc with WET fingers let alone a printable one? Handle ALL your discs with care i say :wink:

Yes, sadly it’s not sold separately but only comes with Intenso’s low-quality media in Germany. I wonder what it’s like in other countries…

Can get Pressit Sprayfix that does protect discs from smudging


You can get quality spray fixes in any good artshop. They have different ones for different things. My friend has a few I might try a couple and see how they work, though have to wait until he gets back off holiday.