Writing on un-labelled cdrs

Hi i just bought some princo un-labelled cdr’s. I was wondering is it safe to write right onto these cd-r’s?? Because I used a sharpie marker on one of these cdr’s and i can see the writing from the bottom side(it’s transparent). It might be a stupid question, but is this ok? or should i buy some labels to write on?

thank you

Better quality CDR media tend to have a thicker layer on top to protect sharpie ink from penetrating the data layer. But in your case, get some non-oil/acid based marker for labeling. Markers are always better than slapping a sticker on a CD/DVD.

thanks for your reply. Does anybody know of any non-oil/acid based markers? I did a search on the internet and found no luck.



thanks for your reply, anybody know of some non oil based & and acid free markers that are available at grand&toy, staples, or wal-mart?

Search of Staples web site for “CD marker”