Writing on the top of DVD-RAM=bad?



Just a quick question, writing on the top of a DVD-RAM disc makes it not work anymore, how come?


Writing on the label side of DVD-RAM media shouldn’t have any influence on the writing/reading capability of that disc, unless you’re using something with a very corrosive solvent, using a branding iron, or other totally inappropriate method.

What makes you think that writing a label is what caused your DVD.RAM to not work anymore? What did you do and how did you test?


Here’s what happened, disc worked before this, after I wrote on the top with a sharpie, it didn’t work again!


That’s odd. I keep my important CDF stuff (reviews, forum documents etc) on a Panasonic DVD-RAM disc and I’ve written on the label side.

The disc works perfectly.


That’s VERY odd, I’ll try writing on it another one, and if it works, then maybe the disc I wrote on was just defunct!