Writing on the DVDs bad?




I was wondering if writing on the upper side of the DVD+Rs is bad. I use a special black permanent marker that is supposed to be only for writing on CDs\DVDs. I’ve been writing on the CDs for years now and have encountered no problem, however I noticed that the upper side of the DVD is completely different than the CDs.

So can anyone tell me if writing on the DVDs with those special markers is bad for the media or the spead at which it is read by DVD Players ?



It’s fine with any alcohol-based marker, which is what you have.


To add to that, the protective layer between the top of a DVD to the recording layer is MUCH thicker than that of a CD. It is considerably more difficult for something to “eat” its way down, so even with an unsafe marker, I wouldn’t worry so much for the DVD as I would for the CD.