Writing Multiple Images On DVD

Hi All,

Sorry if my english is a little simple. It’s really early in the morning =)

Just a Quick Question for the more advanced everyday user.

I have a number of CD images on my hdd.

i started writing them on a dvd+r and after testing it, 2/7 would not mount on daemon tools.

I Tested each image on my hdd …perfect.

Wrote an image of the project onto my hdd. Mouted it on daemon tools and mounted each of the images within that project. The same two were corrupted.

Therefore i swapped a few images for another few.

Started writing and a different few were corrupted that should be fine

Now i’m thinkn somthing is limiting me to how many images can be written onto a dvd.

Any comments much appreciated.

More likely a media problem, namely it’s not good quality & the burn is poor.
What media are you using? Get the media ID with Nero’s CD/DVD Speed or similar.
Also what burner have you.