Writing MP3's

Just wondering if there is any way to burn mp3’s to a cd without nero sorting the tracks by name???

If so, how?

Cheers !

@ russmca
Welcome:). There should be column headings on the compilation page which you can click and sort your files/tunes by each column heading. Another way to sort how you see fit is to number them(01,02,…10,11) at the front of the title in the order you wish them to play.

Thanks mate…

when i sort the column by something other than name then burn the CD - it still plays the tracks by name in my player - i guess this is to do with my player rather than a burn option!

cheers !

@ russmca
Numbering at the beginning of the titles should do the trick if your player sorts alpha-numerically. Is it possible there is an option in your player to select the sequence of play?

Just drag and drop the files in the compilation window