Writing MP3s w/ Win XP media player?

In trying to write my first CD with MP3 files, I find that Microsoft Media Player converts them to .cda files (what ever that is). Can I make it just write the MP3 files without converting?

Media player is not needed to write mp3s all you need is a basic burning progaram and make a data or mp3 project Nero or Roxio work well.One of these programs should have come with your burner. I don’t think wmp will do a straight burn it will always convert and convert poorly at that. There are other progrmas that are worse but a lot that are better.

Thanks, Mad-ness. I appreciate the reply.

I was looking for a way to make Win XP write the files like it does non-MP3 files. I futzed around and accidently found A way…it may not be the best?

I wrote a non-MP3 file to the disk first. After that, Win XP didn’t try to convert the MP3 files to cda files. That let me get a LOT more on a single disk!