Writing media at faster than certified speed

I see from other posts here that some media can be written at a faster speed than the certified, e.g. MCC003 verbatim DVD+R 8x can be written at up to 12x on a plextor PX-712a. I have this combination of drive and media and I was wondering how Nero can be persuaded to write at faster than 8x? When the media is inserted, it only gives the option of up to 8x, no faster.

Thanks for any replies

How fast a media can be written is based on the combination of the media code in the writer’s firmware and Nero’s detection. So if Nero only gives you the speed written on the media, then it either means that media’s not in the writer’s firmware, or Nero simply don’t like it. There’s however ways to get around this, such as hacking the firmware of the writer to include your media, but it’s risky business.

So in that case, how is everyone else managing to do this? If Nero can’t do it are they using another burning tool? There aren’t any hacked firmwares of the px-712a that I know of.