Writing lots of files = 'frozen' app prior to burning

My app needs to write lots of files to the archive - several hundreds of small files.

In Easy CD / Nero, there is a long wait while the files are ‘processed’ prior to burning.

In my app using Nero SDK this is also happening - BUT it causes the app to freeze for ages until Nero has finished its stuff - (i.e after the call to NeroBurn but before the first callback to SetPhaseCallback).

Are there any callbacks that occur while this is happening so that i can maybe out this bit in a separate thread & at least let the user know whats happening?


Update: It takes around 100ms per added file between clicking on ‘Burn’ & the first callback to SetPhaseCallback with Phase= “Reading directories”.

So 60 files makes the app ‘lock up’ for 6 seconds
300 files = 30 seconds etc.

I know that Nero has to go through the process of ‘processing’ the files so that part is fine - but there must be some way for me to be told the progress of that process so that i can make sure the application doesnt freeze?

Perhaps if you put NeroBurn in a worker thread then your UI thread won’t be frozen. This shouldn’t be to much work and is of course only a workaround.

Yeah - i can do that, but like you say - its not the ‘answer’ as all i can then do is tell the user to keep waiting on ‘i’ll get there eventually!’. For a professional app :wink: i need to be able to let the user know whats going on at all times.