Writing hangs at "Flushing buffers, Writing boarders"

I’m using version of Clone DVD 2, and version of Any DVD.

My computers is a 2.6 GHz P4 on an Asus PC4800-E board, 2 Maxtor 120gig HDs in a Raid 0 config, 1Gig ram running XP home SP2.

My burner is a Plextor PX-740A, firmware version 1.02, using Sony DVD-R 16x

Anyway, the problem I’ve been having is that at the end of the copying process, the program stops at the “Flushing Buffers, writing borders” stage. Sometimes it finishes and gives me the dialog to eject, but more often than not it hasn’t, the program freezes, and also won’t close the program when I click the “X”. I also can’t eject the DVD unless I reboot of use a pin to release the door.

I tried using the “WriteDVD.dll” version that someone post on a forum, but it didn’t seem to fix the problem. I’m running a fully registered version of both programs.

Thanks for any help in advance,

Edward Traylor

this may sound odd, but does it play that chimey noise that indicates that it’s done?

this should be fixed in this version, but i remember a while ago someone had a simlar problem and it was because the .wav file was playing before the program was done “flushing buffers, writing borders” or something like that or they were trying to initialize at the same time and for some reason it caused the program to hang.

to determine if this is the problem or not you can remove the .wav file from the clonedvd directory and see if that helps. i can’t guarantee it will though as this was an older bug that was addressed and should have been fixed.

let me try to find that thread to double check details. let’s hope i can figure ou tthe right search terms to bring it up haha.

also have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling clonedvd since you had the problem? I’d re-download it from www.slysoft.com just to rule out a corrupt dl/install to be on the safe side. make sure your key is backed up before doing this.

I don’t hear the sound. If I do hear it, then it worked correctly. It usually hangs before that.

I uninstalled the program then reinstalled it just to see if it may have been a corrupt file as you said, but the first time I tried to copy a DVD, the same thing happened.

And yes, I did redownload it too. :slight_smile:

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but you can only edit a post within the first 30 minutes

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I was the one who reported this bug and the Slysoft fix was to remove the referrence to the .wav file within the preferrences. It solved the problem on my system.

And this reallly, really belongs in the CloneDVD forum…