Writing errors with 110d

My 110d with fw139 gives me writing errors in scans with tygo2 and verbatim 16x media.Mainly at the end edge. Anyone does it happen? thank you.
Note: scans with Benq 1640 and nec4550.
For this cause i´ll change 110d for 1650´s benq

How about posting a pic of one of these scans. Save it as a PNG file format, done on the Benq at 8x preferably.

I´m not in my pc now but i can send you a pair ( not the latest with current fws but with the same results , or worst)

…And the other with tygo2.

And what TYG02 crap is that?


Nec 4550 scans are not reliable!
Please rescan using the Benq!