Writing error

k here’s the thing…i’ve been trying to figure out this problem myself, but i cannot.

This is the problem. I keep getting write to disk error when i’m trying to burn a audio cd. I have nero 7 ultra and then went with express burn and both programs said the same thing. i’m using fujifilm cd-r, and have been using verbatims for awhile now, but they were out at my local store. Anyway, i’m assuming that it’s my drive that’s ruined but before i go ahead and buy, i want to make sure that it’s nothing else.

i have a lite-on combo drive, in a mdg computer with vista.

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Are you creating audio CDs from music files? If so, try Burrrn (small and free) at 16x burn speed, just to rule out a software issue.

yes i am

tried your burrrn program and that didn’t work either. WTF is going on here.

Did you get this problem with the Verbatim discs too?

If yes, I’d say try the drive in a different PC and see if it shows the same symptoms.

If not, then I’d suspect the Fujifilm discs.

it doesn’t make anysense…i can burn movies but not audio cd’s using verbatim disks and fujifilm

Does the drive burn data CDs OK? Is it OK at reading CDs?

yes it does everything else but burn audio cd’s…what if i re-installed nero 7?