Writing Error Fixed

I had alot of the problem that has been mentioned here about writing to dvd,i went and purchase the most expensive dvd at staples,that is on the market the sony dvd-r,and now i am burning all the different movies like DERAILED,KINK KONG,IN THE MIX,GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN,no problem,i don’t know what has happened, why i can’t use those cheaper disc that was operating fairly good before.

The sony disc appears to be alot more compatible and write better to the disc for some reason compare to the others,maybe that is why it is so expensive,if you read the label on the sony spindle pac of 50 disc it state exactly that it is accurate,write better,and also very compatible,maybe some of us should switch to the sony disc and see if it slove the problem.

I discover this by accident,i had a 5 pac of sony dvd + rw,i bought to use to back up files off my computer,just in case my hard drive crash,and i decide to use it to see if it could back up all these movies i have ripped with dvd fab,because i have ruined over some 50 + disc already with the other cheaper brand,i use the dvd + rw and it worked perfectly no writting error,so i went out and bought a pac of 50 sony disc dvd -r,so i can play them on my panasonic dvd player,my panasonic home dvd player does not use + format disc,only my lg computer burner drive,and those sony - disc work perfectly with dvd fab,i guess in my case the soultion was the more expensive disc the sony,because it is more compatible with the dvd fab software.