Writing eprom of Samsung SW-208F

I had a problem when I tried update the firmware of my CD-RW Samsung SW-208F. After the donwload, the drive wasn´t recognized by my system. The green light is always on, and the tray don´t open. No, I remove the eprom chip from my cd-rw and I´m lookin for a eprom writer. It´s easy to find this? Which is the specification about this eprom?

why don’t you look for the original f/w for your drive? If you can’t find it you could request it here and see if anyone has it. If you do ge tthe original f/w, then use an appropriate flashing program to reflash it.

It sounds like you flashed with the wrong f/w. On liteons, if you flash with wrong f/w, a lot of the time they have the green light constantly on. Same with the tray.

here are a couple of firmwares i found for you: here.

If the chipset on the burner is a mediatek, you can use mtkflash to flash it.

If it uses some other chipset, search for an appropriate program for your drive. Search on google to find out.

How can I discover which are the chipset on my burner?
After I try to install the FS07 firmware, my computer didn’t recognize my drive.
Mtkflash also didn’t find it. And I try to conect CD-RW as master and slave.

well if we look here we find that samsung uses ricoh’s chipset on their burners.

I was unable to find anything on if you can use mtkflash for drives other than liteons.

I will started a thread here.

Hopefully someone knows.

Have you contacted samsung? Is your drive still under warranty?
If its not, then it might not be worth the money to buy an eeprom burner or spend the money to have it repaired.

I had contacted Samsung and they sais than there’s not to do. And my drive is’nt under warranty.

I opened my drive and discovered that my chipset is OAK (OTI9790).
Is there any flash program like mtkflash to this chipset?

try downloading the firmware off this page.

And you’re sure you followed the guide for mtkflash? You do have to be in real dos to use mtkflash. I am still searching google.com for you and haven’t found anything yet.

I willl keep you updated.

That’s the firmware (FS07) that killed my CD-RW. :-/
I followed the guide for mktflash, but it can’t find my drive.
I thnik the X question is discover a flash utility for OAK chipset.

ive heard of pflash, don’t know where to get it or if it works. Maybe thats a solution for you.

If that doesn’t work, it may be time to buy a new drive.:frowning:

So, I’m back to the first post: Can I find anybody with a eeprom bruner? Is it easy?

well i honestly don’t think you need an eeprom burner. eeprom stands for electrically erasable programmed read only
memory. So its programmable via a flashing utility.

Even if you did buy an eeprom burner, it would more than likely be more than a new cd burner.

That’s the firmware (FS07) that killed my CD-RW

did you donwload it though, the one off this page. I noticed it had some different utilities in it than the other one i first listed.

Why are you so concerned about hanging onto an 8x drive? You can get a new high speed burner for under 70 bucks. cheaper with rebates and such.

Found pflash inside this zip file from this site. Download it, get your original firmware and reflash iwth it.

As for eeprom burners, i don’t know if theres differences amongst them, or if its a universal thing. I don’t know if x eeprom burner will work with y cd burner’s eeprom.

I’ll try again with PFlash.
My problem is my bios computer can’t detect the drive.

But I don’t wanna buy a eeprom burner. I want find someone who own it. It’s difficult in my city (Belo Horizonte - Brasil)

The eprom burner for BIOS computer needs an adapter to write data at CD eeprom.

If I can’t do it, I’ll buy a new and faster CD-RW.

Thank you for your help.

your welcome. and good luck

Hi people,

Finally I found a company that write eeprom. So, I took my memory and a disk with the file and I got to recover my Samsung 208F.

That was the unique solution for who try to update firmware FS06 to FS07.

Advice For Owners of this CD-RW: DON’T TRY TO DO THIS UPDATE. Stay with firmware FS06.

Hello Walteen

I have the same problem. Can I have that file so that I can write it to the firmware.

BTW, Is it a firmware update ?

Were you guys using sfdnwin to flash? Many people have ruined their Samsung drives this way, I recommend using sfdndos in true DOS…

Hello dhc014,

Is there anyway that I can make my CD-RW work ?

It seems that my DVD drive is also not working. I can do eject tray and no const light like cd-rom drive.

When I go into BIOS setup, the primary & Secondary slave are set to AUTO.

Please advice.

hi wateen can i know which company did you find?
thank you


Is it possible to send me the sf-06 firmware?