Writing edited file to new DVD



I finally managed to edit a movie I recorded off cable onto my DVR. I imported it into Nero Vision 4. I wound up with a bunch of sections on the bottom of Vision:

The imported version of my movie.
A couple of unrelated movies I had imported in previous sessions.
Finally,about six chunks copied out of my imported movie created by editing.

When I finally clicked on Export, I saw no way to indicate the six extracted chunk were to exported as a single movie and that all other chunks are to be ignored for this export operation.

As a result, Exported indicated it was writing out 9 hours worth of movies. To me, it looked like it want to write the movie I imported, the other two movies that I’d imported last week, and of course my 6 chunks.

As I started writing this, I remember seeing “merge” somewhere in the Nero documentation. Sounds like that’s probably what I missed.

I’d like some URLs pointing to documentation on this issue. Any comments/observations would be appreciated, too.

Thanks in Advance,