Writing DVDs without a DVD Writer?

I was a bit stumped by this site which mentions writing DVDs without using a DVD writer :confused:


yes it makes probaply divx movies on cd or vcd/svcd’s

they try to trick people in to buying their software

Try dvdx1.8 or 2.0 if you want to back-up your dvd’s

OMG!! What a way to fool people. Im sure there must be at least a dozen of them who must’ve made the move.

You’re right, its probably about converting DVD to DivX and burning them on CDRs.

Yuck, what a way to fool people :a

my guess that one like outhers makes vcd.
i heard there was one containing freware progs and a guide stolen right off a guy from vcdhelp.

totaly bogus shit, thats what it is