Writing DVD's error messages

I’m using the latest anydvd/clonedvd like I’ve done many times before. same DVD’s as always (in the middle of a spool now). Clonedvd copies the files without problem. at some point in the writing process I get the following message: Clonedvdtemp/video_ts/vts_04_01.vob: read error Drive cannot find the sector requested. Again, I’m using the programs like I always have, and there are no system changes at all. I tried backing up an older dvd that I have copied before, and have the same problem. It usually happens later in the burning process. I thought that maybe the program was corrupted, so I downloaded the programs again, and the problem continues. Any ideas?

By the way, I did do the usual spyware removal, disc cleanup, and defrag when the problem first occurred. I’m using the same spool of DVD’s that I used before when the program worked.

What DVD are you trying to backup? And did you make sure no anti-virus program or another program was conflicting with CloneDVD functions? Also what kinda DVD media are you using-a good media will burn good and a cheap media will burn correctly and sometimes will not burn correctly? What version of CloneDVD are you using and are you using it with AnyDVD running in the background? Sometimes when your burning or backing up CD or DVD make sure you have enough RAM to do the multitasking functions your doing.

I’m using the same dvd’s that I have been using for pretty much 18-months now (HP). The system is the same (1.5 gigs of RAM). Not doing anything on the computerwhile it’s burning. I thought about it possibly being the master dvd, but I tried burning one that I had burned before, and had the same problem. I’ve always ran Norton AV when burning before. I’ve always ran anydvd in the background. both programs are up to date. I usually burn the dvd’s slow, but I even tried the slowest speed on the program, and still it doesn’t work. Does anyone think that I should completely uninstall the program and do a re-install?I’m also contemplating doing a hard drive reformat as well.

read all of this …hope it helps

Thank’s for the response. Looks like he had the same problem I did, except I know I was running the latest upgrades. I uninstalled both anydvd & clonedvd2, and reinstalled both of them. Still have the same problem. When I look at the dvd that tried to burn, and compare it to a new one, it looks like it only burned about 18" into the dvd. I know that this isn’t the most accurate way to diagnose the problem, but I’m trying to offer up as much info as I can to you.

Actually, it was about 1/8" into the dvd! :slight_smile: