Writing data file from hard disk to dvd + RW

Hi there !

Please help ! I have recently installed a dvd +/- R/RW Fijitsu Siemens (Hitachi) dvd rewriter, and with it software titles such as Nero, Pinnacle Instantcopy , clone dvd and a couple of others.

I’m sure they all work fine when copying one dvd to another, but the only thing I really need it for at this point is to write data files, eg spreadsheet files, scanned document files and other data from my hard disk to a DVD + RW disk.

Problem is that although the software, eg Pinnacle Instantcopy, tells me it is copied, when I try to access the dvd disk at a later stage, it keeps on giving me a message " Please insert disk in drive F" . The same when I try to access the disk data in my other DVD Rom drive.

What am I missing ?

Can you acces the disk from the writer that wrote to the disk?
If yes then your DVD-rom has problems reading from DVD-RW.
If no then there’s a problem with the disk or writing to the disk.

I have no experience of Pinnacle instant copy but is this a packet writing software (ie it makes your DVD-RW like a giant floppy) then the software needs to be installed on all machines for the disk to be used in all machines / drives.

Try writing to the disk in a standard format (ie use nero to write the DVD using “DVD ROM ISO”) and copy over a few files to see if this works. This method is much preffered by many as it keeps the disc to standard DVD settings and so can be read by any DVD drive in any machine.

thanks for the reply, JohnBoy W

I am more confused than ever about all the technicalities that apparently surrounds the dvd rw disks, but amid the frustration I seemed to have found a solution to my problem, by downloading InCD from Ahead Software Co and installing it. It automatically integrated with Nero that was already installed on my HD. The link to the download site is http://www.cd-rw.org/software/cdr_software/cdr_applications/ahead_incd.cfm

The only downside was that I had to uninstall EasyCD Creator, but I guess Nero is just as good or better for writing normal cd’s. After some frustration, and only after I read the manual for the second time !, I formatted the dvd +rw disk via InCD, and tested it afterwards by writing 2 files separately.

Glad to report everything works perfectly

Glad to see you got your problem sorted, just a word of warning if your going to transfer these files to another PC then INCD needs to be installed on that machine for the DVD-RW to be readable.