Writing CD-R @ 4x

Is it possible to let the LiteOn LDW 451S burn CD-R @ 4x or lower ?
Now I can burn only @ 8x minimum :frowning:
I need low speed burn cause my CD-R won’t play in my car cd player :frowning:

I have flashed my 451S to 832S (VS0A) btw :wink:

the reason it wont play in your car stereo is that car stereos are a lot harder to please…its all about the dye used…
if you use media made with azo dye (verbatim, infinity etc)…it wont matter…i have azo dye cd’s and can burn them at 48x and they still play fine in car stereo…any other dye and they skip and distort etc

I use Imation now, none of them plays in my car :frowning:
I’ll try to get verbatim or something else, how do you see it’s azo dye ??

Thx for the info :wink:

you have to ask dealer…it would more than likely say on the packaging as azo dye is a reason to buy.
the infinity brand are available very cheaply all over the net as well