Writing Borders Issue

I recently downloaded the latest version of CloneDVD from slysoft.com. Last night I tried to copy Ladder 49 as instructed to via the guides that I have read. All was well till the writing reached the final stage where it begins to finalize. When the program is in the “writing borders” stage, it freezes up and I have to perform a hard reboot to get the disk out. I’ve been doing some research, and I’ve come to a couple of conclusions. First, I read that I should download a program called ENDITALL, this might resolve the issue. I also read that I should download this WRITEDVD.dll file to overide the one that comes with the program. Does anyone have an idea as to what I can do to get this program to work? I have a brand new HP PC and am using Sony DVD-R Discs. Please Help!!

Enditall will shutdown all non-essential programs running in the background that could interfere with CloneDVD. You need to run Enditall PRIOR TO launching AnyDVD/CloneDVD. Did you selected DVD-5 in CloneDVD’s drop down box?

Try to copy the main movie title with the desired audio track. Also download the latest AnyDVD. It’s best to remove/reload CloneDVD/AnyDVD.

Do you find it best to do this ?, as on slysoft’s web site it say’s just to install over the top.

Currently I am using CSS Region Free program which seems to be working fine. I’ve been using DVD X Copy Plat. for sometime and have made perfect copies of DVDs. I wanted to try something new and it looks like CloneDVD was one of the better programs. The weird thing is that once I reboot my system, I eject the disk and play it on my stand alone dvd player and it seems to work fine. Weird stuff!

As for the Media selection, I did have it on DVD-5, but I will try again w/ the enditall program running. Hopefully I’ll come to some type of resolution. What do you think about “1 Clilck DVD Copy” program? That got good reviews as well…

Try to uninstall any Programs/Drivers which might conflict.

When you say uninstall all programs that might conflict with clonedvd, which programs are we talking about? Could there be a problem with having DVD X copy installed even though it is not being used? As I mentioned before, the writing process reaches completion, the problem only occurs when it starts to finalize. Should I install ENDITALL and see if that helps out?

I don’t upgrade software. Always try to clean install if possible. CloneDVD and AnyDVD don’t mess around too much with your registry, so you can safely remove/reload them.

And I only upgrade when I encounter problem. As always, I created an image file of the operating system prior to any modification. My WXP Pro partition is only 700MB.

I would remove ALL burn applications, and remove/reload AnyDVD and CloneDVD. First, try Enditall.

What about this WriteDVD.dll. I read on another thread that this might resolve the issue that I am having. The problem is that the link they supplied does not work so I can not download that file. I’ve searched the net for it, but I can not find it.

I am considering giving the program “1 Click DVD Copy” a shot and see how things work out. Do you guys have a preference on what programs you think are best?

Don’t know about the .dll. I use AnyDVD with Nero Recode or CloneDVD.