Writing at 8x with 8x or 16x discs?



I have PX-716UF and I was wondering from which discs(regarding speed) I will get the best quality.Or it doesn’t matter if the discs are 16x or 8x and I will get the same quality?

I am talking for 8x to write the DVD because I have understand that 8x is the best speed for having speed and quality,am I right?

Thanx in advance!


I burn all my dvd at 4X.
Work great,but i have problems with dvd+r RAXON.
DVD+R Maxell and Traxdata 4X work great on my Plextor 712A.


Taiyo Yudens are very good. Always burn at 16x on my drives, haven’t had a problem yet.


What about writing to 8x?Which discs are the best,8x or 16x?Or they have the same quality at this speed(8x)?


Like I always say, don’t bother with 16x discs if you want to burn at 8x (unless of course 16x is all that’s available). 8x at 8x is just fine, assuming quality media.


There are good 4x discs, 8x, and 16x. It all depends on the brand. Taiyo Yuden 4x dvd’s will burn at 8x, and sometimes 12x with better quality than some of the 16x rated dvds (depending on manufacturer). Best advice is just to use good quality media (Verbatim (MCC)), FujiFilm Made In Japan, or Taiyo Yuden) Minimum quality I would go RITEK G05’s, and that would only be for copies for personal use, and not for storage or recovery. It isn’t the speed that counts, it’s the quality…


First of all thank you for your answer harley2ride!(and all the others :))

I am sorry but I have one more question.I have a store near me that has Verbatim DVD and I will buy them but u are saying that there are good and 4x discs, 8x, and 16x and I don’t know which speed DVD Verbatim should I buy and in which speed shoud I burn them to have the best quality.
I would like to remind that my DVD+RW has the ability to write till 16x.


Most likely the only speeds available will be 8x and 16x, so get whichever are cheaper. If they’re the same, I’d still say go for the 8x since they’re going to be disappearing from the market soon.


Have been using Verbatim 16x since I bought my 716A
in December…

Have burned well over 200 backups in that time and never had a coaster or problem…

No problem with quality like the old days when slowest burn speed was “King.”

note: that may still be true depending on your rig and slow processor power, ram etc…

I burn all my dvd’s at 16 speed and if there is a loss of quality, none of us eagle eyes here have seen it yet.

Don’t get too scientific about it.
You have an excellent dvd writer… Use it to the MAX…


I apologize for insisting but if we forgot the money chapter,with 8x or with 16x discs I will have better quality,when I write them at 8x with my PX-716UF?

Thank you for your patience


To which kind of quality do you refer? The image and sound quality of a Video DVD can’t be affected by a bad burn. Either it runs perfectly with 100% quality, or it stutters and has major disturbances in image and/or sound, which isn’t a loss of quality anymore, but makes the disc unviewable.


because the 716UF is a usb 2.0 drive, one cannot burn faster than 8x regardless of media. It is a limitation of the usb interface and has nothing to do with the drive. Do a transfer rate read test with Nero and you’ll see what I mean.


Unless your’re using the firewire interface
(I’m an idiot) :doh:


No, it is not true. :disagree:

What is true is that with many “unofficial” USB2 enclosures you don’t achieve the max speed and often have to stick at 8x and 16x, but with my LG GSA-5163D I have no problems in reaching 16x, both with USB2 and Firewire interface (image below is with USB2).




My PX-716UF certainly has no problems reaching 16x using USB 2.0 interface…er, that is whenever PowerRec actually lets the burn reach 16x.


hmm, interesting.
My friend has a 716UF and it gets maxed out @ 8x, maybe it’s his usb card?


If it is an additional USB2 card, it may very well be: a friend of mine had a Magnex USB2/Firewire combo card mounted on his PC (native USB was only USB1), and it was a real crap. :Z

Hehe, true. :bigsmile:



Generally, the only difference between 8x and 16x DVD blanks is price. I imagine you’ll find the 8x rated ones cheaper. As for burn quality, that depends on the burner, firmware, media and speed you burn it at. If you get quality media, it may let you burn it faster than its rated speed of 8x. Since you have the 716UF and likely have Plextools Professional, click on the Drive Settings>Advanced (tab)>Media Quality Check once you put in a blank DVD. Select the speed you want to test it at, then start the test. With some Taiyo Yudens (example, yuden000t02-00) and Verbatims (MCC003), the test may tell you “the media is judged as good” at the speed you tested it at. Therefore, it is possible you could put in an 8x speed-rated DVD and the Media Quality check will tell you you can burn it at 12x. It is a good idea to always run this test on every DVD blank BEFORE you burn it, so you’ll know if you can write it faster than its rated speed of 8x (for an 8x DVD) or not. It’s only about 30 seconds long, so it’s a good investment and idea to run, which will also tell you if you can write it faster than the rated speed or not. :wink: