Writing 90min. CD-R



How do I write a 90min. CD-R with Nero on a Liteon 121032???

Thx guys


Carefully, does your drive support 90 minute writing, if it doesn’t you could cause permanent damage by driving the laser to the end of the track. Make sure its not worth ruining it. Also not sure if nero support 90 min writing but you could go into properties and look for the overburn dialog and alter the times allowed. It might work


Nero does support up to 900(I think its 1050, but not sure exact number megs or so on the newest version,
but overburning must be enable under expert options.

Not sure if Lite burns a 90 minute cd.


U have to look 4 info about your specific writer to find out first IF you’re writer does the trick! If you just fool around and try you can get serious problems with writing after that…:eek:


:wink: It`s easy…

Download Feurio from WWW.Feurio.de the Audio CD Burning Software.Insert the 90 Min.CD and select Overburning and Testwrite.

After the Testburn you can see if your Lite-On support this.

Good luck…



i have a 121032 plextor…and i want to burn 90 min cdr’s as well…and i use nero

But when i burn do i then have to do it by the overburn way…or can i do it normally…i know nero support to 1050mb and plextor to 89.59.00…so that shouldnt be a problem…

thx in advance:)

this question also asked in cdr support section…



The only way to burn up to 90 Min. is to Overburn the CDR.

Push the CDR into your Lite-On Drive and click on CDR-Info,you`ll see that it only looks like a 80 Min.CD

Good luck


I tried out local store brand,

COMPUSA high capacity 99 min 850MB

burned cdr ok at 12x on TDK 16x10x40A

i tired at 16x it lost the tracking, why???

I checked the maker with CDrIdentifer unable to find maker code?
or was it unknown maker code.


When overburning… Note…
Always burn at slower speeds…
The LG 16-10-40 is one of the burners that can safely handle 99min cdrs.


liteon 24x10x40 burns to 99 min as well…


hai die hai,

I cann’t burn them with my Plex 12x10x32S and not with my 8x TEAC :frowning:


Does anyone know that should hp 9200i write 90min cds or ?

because i dont get it work with 90min cds??!

hope someone can help with this problem


note for users with 12x plex cdrw (124 & 1210 drives):
you must set the maximum overburn capacity to 89:59:74 !
If set this to 90:00:00 the plex will refuse to burn!