Writing 90 minutes

can anyone please tell my how you can write 90 minutes on a cd.
I’ve bougt 2 kind of cd’s that allow to write 90 minutes
But my pc keeps telling it 's just an 80 min. cd.


If you use Nero, set in the preferences the yellow bar to 99 minutes and try again!

Off course, your writer has to support this kind of cd-r’s

i have a pmextor 12speed writer
i shall try it at once

For more info on 99-minutes CD-R’s check www.disc4you.com (and follow the link on the right).

Did I not read in another thread that you have to overburn
the disk, even if nero says its only 80 mins, that way the drive
might be able to write up to the end of the disk??

I tried fireburner once a long time ago and remember I was making 74 min blanks with more than the 75 mins or so on em, made an image file and then burned it with fireburner.

It did NOT check the size of the file with the size of the disk and burned it, i got an error but the disk worked.

was a VCD disk, i think the last few credits were missing when i played it back.

you can write 90 min cds only
when you burn DAO
nero and winoncd will do the job