Writing 800Mb CDs

Hi there,

When I create SVCDs, I end up with 800Mb bin/cue files, which I burn (slowly) to CD and play on my DVD player and PC. Of course, I can just browse to the right folder and load the MPG file into Media Player.

Now, I have 2x719Mb AVI files and a Lite-On 52X burner and some bulk CDs. Overburning just doesn’t want to work…

So, surely there is some way to write my own bin/cue files that just write that avi to a CD with the minimal error checking found on SVCDs, yes?

Of course, I’m damned if I can figure it out…

I’ve so far tried to put my experiments into Daemon Tools

I’ve tried adding the AVI as a track in CDRWin and saving the CUE file. This fails to load into D-Tools

I’ve tried changing
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

in the cue file, that fails too.

I’ve tried to create an ISO using DirectISO and I can load that into D-Tools, but it will require overburning still

I’ve tried it with the cue sheet, fails.
I’ve converted it to a BIN file and tried it with the cue sheets, that fails too.


Anybody know how this can be done?



You could buy some 90/99 min media and burn the file to them.

Yes I know that.

But SVCDS show that you can write 800Mb to a CD-R80.

And I want to find out how to do that. and THEN by CDR-99s 8@

Well, I’ve got an 825Mb Bin file of my AVI

It works with the following CUE

TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

This creates an Image containg the 719Mb AVI. It still requires overburning.

I picked up LOTS of extra size when I converted my 719Mb ISO into the 825Mb BIN.

I would guess that somehow I have to convert the ISO into a BIN but ditch the error correction.

But this is all reasoned speculation.

Again, anybody?



I suppose you could burn the cd in mode 2, but if scratched the data can be easily corrupted.


Yes, thats what I was talking about. Found out how to do it too…

Very cool though :bigsmile: