Writing 700mb

Hi. I’m completely newbie to cd-r’s, I just got my first writer today. It’s Buslink 16x10x40 external usb 2.0 cd-rw. I would like to ask two question, I hope you can help me.

  1. I think the drive can write only 650mb. Is it possible to make it 700mb somehow?
  2. If it’s not possible, will I be able to write 70mb cd-r’s(only up to 650 mb though) or do I have to use 650mb cd’s only?


Don’t know anything about this Burner.

However … if it somehow is limited by it’s hardware or firmware to burn CD’s longer than 74 min ( 650 MB ) then you can try using an 80 min CD and then see what happens !

You could also look for a new firmare and check if it enables writing of 80 min CD’s

It’s a rather new writer (16x) so I think it will write 700MB CD-R’s. All new writers can.

check the general specifications of your drive
it wil probably be there

I still have a Acer 2x2x6 (pre 1999) works fine with 700mb also known as 80min disks.

Its the 99min ones drives are gagging on.

I asked their tech support and they said that it can write 700mb.

Thanks a lot for your help!