Writing 2 DVDs at once




I just signed up cause i see you guys have the answer for everything. I found a thread on google which touched vaigly on this subject, was about controllers.

ok spec :

pentium 4 - 3 GHZ
2 LG Super multi DVD writer drives
Graphics ( nvidia geforce 6800 256 - not sure if it’s relevent.)

Right so, i want to write two dvds at the same time using nero 6. My motherboard has one IDE thingy and then 2 RAID ones. So i’ve tried to plug DVD writer(1) into the raid slot and then DVD writer(2) into the main IDE slot. But i still get and error and the buffer dies v quickly. Is there a way round this? Should i try writing each dvd at 8x ? Anyways any suggestions or just one at a time.




Posting a log of the Nero burner would be most useful.

I’ve done a few multiple burns , that is burning 2 different movies at the same time. However, the as I’ve got 6 IDE channels there was absolutely no contention between hard drives & burners so 8x burning was fine.

If your using just one instance of Nero & burning a movie to 2 burners simultaneously then the burners need to work exactly at the same rate so I believe.


How do i find out how many ide controllers i have? and how come you’ve got 6? Did you buy a controller card?