Writing 2 DVDs at once? Any problems with this?

Hi, I bought my 3520 a month ago to replace my Liteon-851S (A total pile of tat). I’m very satisfied with the quality of the burns even on cheap media. I’ve just bought a 3540 to add to this and am hoping that I’ll be able to burn 2 DVDs at once (I’ve got a Aopen Chameleon AAP Pro on one IDE channel and the 3520 on the other at the mo, I’ve also got another AAP Pro on the way)


I’m gonna do it like this

IDE Channel 1

Master: NEC-3520
Slave: Aopen AAP Pro DVD-ROM

IDE Channel 2

Master: NEC-3540
Slave: Aopen AAP Pro DVD-ROM

SATA Controller

1: 160GB Diamondmax 9
2: 160GB Diamondmax 9

I’d like to know that if I’m burning 2 images at the same time with say dvd decrypter
ero\cloneCD one from each hard drive, do you think I’ll encounter any problems. I have been running the drives in RAID0 but I think if I wanna write 2 discs at the same time thats prolly not a good idea, because so much seeking will be needed.

Has anyone here done this without too much hasstle, I know its prolly pretty common just like to know if there’s any particular way I should set things up (IDE channels etc etc).

Would it be worth buying a PCI IDE card so I can copy “on the fly” from the Aopen DVD-ROM drives? They are great readers and I currenty copy stuff on the fly with no problem at all, and could anyone recommed and ide card? Would it cause problems with the transfer of data seeing as the my sata controller is PCI based (Sil3114)…you know like saturationg the pci bus?

Thank you for your help with this I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


not going to work with nero… nero sets a location for a hard drive buffer which you would overwrite if you had two drives burning two different images.

you need two computers…

now you can dup the SAME image on both drives at the same time. i multiplex all the time.

Check this thread:

Hope, this helps!

Besides, the search function works pretty well… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx mate for that thread link…

I did do a search but I didn’t see that thread :o

The thing is, most people in that thread are purely speculating and simply saying what they think will happen in the situation…

I’d kinda like to know someone who has and does do this regularly, everyone seems so pesemistic on the outcome of this sort of thing, not because they’ve actually had problems but because they’re paranoid they will have problems.

Abit like people who say “never burn a dvd video faster than 4x” and stuff like that, its total crap and sure you will be much less likely to have dodgy burns at this speed, but if your using decent media its not really gonna make any difference against 8\12x (16x can sometimes be a bit dodgy in standalone players but I know that because I have done it, and not just spewed up some comment from someone else).

Soz not bein cheeky, just like to know some first hand experience.

“I appreciate ya input”, Rob :slight_smile:

Set your Nero buffer on one HD, then burn both discs off of the other HD at 4x from 2 instances of Nero. Should work for you, but maybe not at more than 4x.

I burn 2 all the time from separate instances of nero with a similar setup.