Writing 1 GIG to CDR (Plextor Function?)

I’m asking this in here as some may know.

I read, somewhere, (( I think it was the PLextor website)) that there is a way to write 1 GIG of info onto a CD.

I’m wondering if that is a hardware (Plextor) function or Software (for any DVD/CDR) burner.


Iirc, I believe this is a hardware function. Also, high capacity cdr’s are required to do this. The cost of high capacity cdr’s are prohibitive. The last time i checked they were almost the same cost as a dvdr.

I’m pretty sure about my facts…unless i’m just plain outdated in my info:bigsmile:

I think you read it from sanyo website. It’s called HD-Burn:


I think you don’t need any special discs, just high quality ones. TY was reported to be working with HD-burn.

The only drive i know that works with HD-BURN is Optorite DVD burner. I don’t think any reader can read it though.

Having used one of the optowrite burners I can confirm that it can only be read back using the optowrite drive.

Works fine here with my Optorite DD0401, using cheapo CMC media. Also works with Ritek and TY. Get calibration errors with prodisc. So far I haven’t had a problem with data corruption like others on this forum, but then again its only been 2 month since I’ve burned the disks and a few weeks since I checked them.

k i got a optorite dd0401 dvd+rw with hdburn. cool feature but whats the point if only you can read it. i made an mp3 disk filled to capacity thinking it would play in my car mp3 radio. no cigar.

i just dont see the usefulness of this feature.