WriteSectorsUnBuffered not working

:bow: Hi Everybody,

I have written following code in VC++ to use packet writing on CD-RW.

Here ndhDeviceHandle is pointing to my SAMSUNG Combo drive with a CD-RW in it.

NFSBlockAccess = NeroCreateBlockWriterInterface(ndhDeviceHandle, ePacketWriting);
NeroFSSecNo startSector = 2000;
NeroFSSecNo totalSector = 1;
NeroFSSecNo writtenSector;
char data[2048] = “Prashant Sharma.”;
NeroFSError res = NFSBlockAccess->WriteSectorsUnBuffered(&data, startSector, totalSector, writtenSector);

Here res gives me errReadError. So what is the big problem? Do I need to initialize some extra variables?
Please tell help me,