WriteSectorsUnBuffered Error!

Can anyone help me on using WriteSectorsUnBuffered API, i’ve used this just the same as what mentioned in this forum but as, my code got into line bellow, i got an exception error, i just want to make a CD IMage , is there any better idea than using packet reading and writting apis, i do realy need to make a CD IMage.

INeroFileSystemBlockAccess* infsba = NeroCreateBlockWriterInterface( ndhDeviceHandle, ePacketWriting);// it OK

NeroFSSecNo noSectorsW = 1;
char bufferW[2048];
const void *pDataW = bufferW;
NeroFSSecNo startSectorW = 0;
NeroFSSecNo SectorsWrittenW = 0;
NeroFSSecNo &noSectorsWrittenW = SectorsWrittenW;

int err = infsba->WriteSectorsUnBuffered(pDataW,startSectorW,noSectorsW,noSectorsWrittenW);

i’ve done all initializations too.