Writes but can't read backups

I recently acquired a refurbished Plextor Premium (firmware 1.06) from newegg to back up my fairly large library of games. After following several different guides and using blindwrite and alcohol, I created a dozen coasters of Battle for Middle Earth (CD) and Far Cry (both of which are protected by safedisc 3.20, I believe). But what I didn’t realize is that although the discs aren’t usable in my plextor drive (both games still ask for original disc), they work great in my lite-on DVD drive. What gives? Shouldn’t my plextor be able to read its own discs?

This is quite normal for backups of SafeDisc 3.20+ protected games. These backups will work in some drives and won’t work in others you’ve got to life with this fact except you own a Plextor SCSI 8/20 with the right TLA :smiley:

p.s. LiteOn DVD-ROMs are well known for beeing ‘tolerant’ drives for backups.