Eh hello everyone,my name is noober.I am new guy here and i would like to ask a very serious question about DVD-RWS.
I want to ask which one is the best as I would like to buy one.
I have done some research and my conclusions are the NEC 2500 but then what about the 2510a? is this the latest one and or is it better than the 2500.Its all so confusing can anyone please advise the new guy here.
Thank You good night

Go for the NEC2500A,
unless you’re in desperate need to burn Double Layer DVD+R media supported by the 2510A firmware by deault.
Yes, the 2510A is so far the latest one, but the drives’ hardware is the same,
the only actual difference is the FW, which would be easily modified ( see the NEC forum ),
turning 00 to 10 and vice versa.
And the 2500A with Herrie’s [COLOR=RoyalBlue]1.07 v2b5 FW has the abilty to handle DL media as well.

So regarding the models, the choice’s strictly yours,
although it’s correct when it comes to choosing the manufacturer - the NEC2500/10 is an excellent burner.[/COLOR]

Thank you kind sir for your quick reply,I think you are dead right and will go for the 2500,Its always the same this one or dat one,I never know but thanks you made my mind up.