Writer Trouble

Hi there, im new on these forums and could really do with some expert help!!
I have bought on ebay a dvd-rw for my laptop, a HITACHI-LG unit with the model No. being GMA-4080B (ARW0). Problem is i cant get it to work in the laptop (ASUS L1400). I have contacted asus and their reply was that any drive should work! I have also tried a NEC 6500 unit before getting the LG drive but that was just the same.
When installed and i power up,the laptop stops with the message on screen saying NON SYSTEM DISK REPLACE DISK AND RESTART COMPUTER.
When in the bios there seems to be no list of the writer or the hard drive!
I have been able to get the laptop booted up into windows a couple of times but the drive does not appear in my computer or in device manager!
The dvd-rom drive that is in just now is a toshiba drive but is faulty therfore i cant read disks.
Any help will be apprieciated!

I don’t know how laptops are built but it may be the case of two drives set as master on the same IDE connector… change one’s setting to slave.

Thanks for the input! Easier said than done i belive, ive had the laptop to bits, no problem there but setting one of the drives to slave could prove difficult! I have read on an other post about soldering pins 45 and 47 together inside the drive to change the setting to slave but dont know if this is the case with my drive?
Really need to sort this out as i need to re-format from disk!
I belive it can be done just a matter of how???
Cheers Mark!

Call the customer service and ask.

If that was happening on a regular PC then it’s most likely to be a conflict between two master devices on the same channel. I’m not sure how laptops work with IDE channels (or if they have 1 or 2 for that matter)… however… if the drive does not appear in the BIOS screen, then I’d say it’s either a hardware fault or physical configuration problem.

Is the DVD writer inside a caddy which in turn gets fitted into the laptop?

I’ve fitted a few CD-RW/DVD combo drives to various brands of laptops ans so far never had any rejections. Some of them are straight slot-in-and-play but others need to be fitted inside a caddy, which I assume is unique to that particular manufacturer or model.

Wish I could say something more helpful as I know how frustrating it must be :confused:

Thanks for the replies! Got it working, posted a new thread on the nubees forum:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=136421

Many thanks!