Writer reads, Reader will not read

Hi guys. Recently went out and grabbed the 2500 and 166S, flashed them without any problem. The Lite-On 166S reads all my new commercial dvd movies (and old cd-r backups) with no hiccups, test ripped few of them in DVD Shrink without a hitch. I decided to backup some old anime epsides (avi files) with Nero at ISO Level 2. NEC 2500A burned it at 8x without failure. NEC 2500A reads the burned disk fine, played smoothly. The problem appears when I try to read the disk with Lite-On 166S, it simply would not read. Instead the following dreadful message pops up:
“copy protection error - The read failed because the sector is encrypted.”

Primary Master: Western Digital Hard Drive
Primary Slave: Lite-On 166S DVD-ROM flashed with Code65536’s DS1C
Secondary Master: NEC 2500A DVD-Writer flashed with Herries’ 1.07 v2 beta5

Maxell 4.7 GB DVD-R 4x
Manufacturer ID: MXL RG02

Nero Burning ROM v6.3.1.17

Data disk burned successfully, NEC 2500A reads it fine.

Access denied for Lite-On 166S, unable to retrieve even the basic disk info.

I apologize if this thread is in the inappropriate forum, as I am quite perplexed about the nature of the problem. Thanks in advance for any help, appreciated.