Writer PX 24/10/40 Master Or Slave

Í’ve Got A Question ive got an Px 24/10/40Cd writer and a pioneer dvd player wich one should be the master or the slave.

Writers can function on both the Master and Slave position but Master is recommended. Personally I have 4 writers installed on both Master and Slave postion and all are working just fine. Remember to set the jumper on the back to the correct setting :wink:

I actually think that you should have the DVD in the master and CD-RW in the slave. If you do it the other way around cause you’re afraid of bufferunderrun of something, then you shouldn’t cause it’ll never happen unless like you’re benchmarkin your pc while u burn or doing on-the-fly-copy, which would be saved by Plextor’s protection and would happen anwayz in either setup.

Putting the DVD on primary is good because you probably use it as a normal CD-ROM drive as well as a DVD drive, so you’ll be using it more, making it your primary drive. That’s basically why you put the HDD with the OS on it in master. Besides for DVD drives, at least for my Pionior 106s (i think) DVD-ROM, it has its transfer mode set on UDMA 4, which is more suited for master than Plextor’s UDMA 2.

BTW, you don’t have to set the jumper on the back, just set them to Cable Select and they will pick the appopriate ones for themselves.

Hope this helps more than it confuses :slight_smile: