Writer not recognized

WIN98 SE. All of my CDs were working beautifully before I reloaded my operating system this past weekend. Reformatted the hard drive and reloaded the software.

IDE CDRW - is a LITEON and is recognized corrected by the BIOS. The CD SCSIs are a Yamaha writer and a Teac reader, they are both recognized correctly by the SCSI boot.

I have three CDs (1) SCSI CDROM (2) SCSI CDRW (3) IDE CDRW. Both of my CDRW can not burn a CD. The SCSI CDRW is not recognized as a writer by all of my burning software. The IDE CDRW can not burn a CD. I get a variety of media, mastering, etc errors before the burning process every begins.

I have tried disconnecting each one so that I could isolate the problem. But each CDs behavior stay consistent, regardless of what other CDS are connected.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi bgross, glad you joined our forum, I hope we can help you solving your problem. Are your drives properly listed in the Windows Device Manager? If so, have you tried different CD-Rs?

Both the burners are recognized correctly (meaning the model and make) by Win98 and all the burning software. They just can not burn.

Not matter what I try, the behavior of the three drives is the same.


Hmm sounds like you have started troubleshooting the old fashion way, by removing pieces and trying. Most of the times this is the only way to be able to find the problem. The scsi drive works??

This could be a driver issue that didnt get reinstalled somewhere during the put every back on phase that you do after formatting…

How about the atapi files are they listed?? Look in the windows system folder(Im not running 98 so Im not sure where they are on a 98 box…

Question - why after my SCSI CDRW does it have (0,3)? My drive is listed as Yamaha CRW4416s (0,3).


Channel Number , Device Number.

Got the problem with my CDs fixed. It was a combination of things. (1) The SCSI CDRW was defective. I guess the fact that it was on the SCSI bus, and maybe because it was the terminated device, that it caused some of the weirdness in my other SCSI CDROM which made it harder to diagnose. Hard to explain how it went defective by just swapping out a harddrive - but it is definately bad. (2) My IDE CDRW was recognized at boot and in Windows, but it would not burn because my EZ CD Creator needed an update for the newer device. I had forgotten that I had previously applyed the 5.3.5 update and that was why it had worked before.

Thanks for the shoulder to cry on.