Writer for cheap DVD-RW?

What is the best choice for a DVD burner that works with cheap DVD-RW media? I recently obtained unexpectedly a really huge load of 2xDVD-RW from EMTEC and now I need a suitable burner. This is for data backup, so writing at 1x speed is OK for me, but I need to be able to read more or less reliably all that I write.

The media are possibly manufactured by BASF; possibly the same as Optodisc. I would like to provide more information but don’t know how, since I don’t know where to look on the DVD. I don’t have a DVD-reader or writer at this moment, so I can’t read any ATIP-codes or such off the disks.

I used a Lite-On 411s at a different occasion on a different computer, but I don’t have that drive here. I am thinking of getting one of those but I see reports of it not being too great with EMTEC DVD-R, so I’m not sure about its ability with EMTEC DVD-RW.

I don’t think I would use “cheap DVD-RW” for data backup. Even if you make 2 copies of everything, if you store it for more than a couple weeks you will be running a high risk of losing data. DVD- is an unstable format, and RW is even worse.
That said, most any current writer will make good quality discs with DVDRW media.

Thanks for the info rdgrimes. I didn’t know that burned DVD’s degraded, I thought it was just a modern equivalent to streamer tapes which are good for a year or so without losing data.

I’m surprised though that you are so clear about it that DVD- is worse than DVD+. I’ve seen a few comparisons and it seems that DVD+ is slightly ahead but not by a large margin. But I guess opinions differ.

Also I’m surprised to hear that RW is so much worse than R; I thought that it does not use organic dye but instead a phase-change layer which makes it more resistent against sunlight and heat.

The failure rate for DVDRW discs, as reported by members here, appears to be comparable to CDRW. DVD-RW is somewhat less stable than DVD+RW as a format, problems with burning tend to wind up more often with a frozen system and a hard boot, which of course destroys the data and sometimes the disc. Likewise, people report issues like -RW discs that refuse to erase, etc. While these issues also exist with +RW, they get reported here less often. DVD- as a format is less fault-tolerant than DVD+.
But the bottom line is that you’re dealing with a dye that is designed to change, which it will do.
So I have yet to see anything in DVDRW that makes it appear more reliable than CDRW. That said, I do use DVD+RW for weekly backups of some data, but it is most certainly not the only means by which the data is preserved.
If you want to use the discs, make 2 copies of everything, and assume they are unstable because a certain percentage of them will fail.