WRITEDVD 9 on 88%

Hi guys i stuffed up 5 dvds now… every movie i’ve ripped from dvd decrypter and used to burn with clonedvd. It stops exactly at 88%
with a WriteDVD 9 error… what am I doing wrong?? do i need aspi drivers or i’ve tried reinstalling clonedvd and any other software that writes…

The drive I have is a Sony DRU-510a with 1.0c firmware… i feel like chuckin it in the bin.
Plz help me!!

Mate, you gotta look around

Write DVD Error Code 9 means that ElbyCDIO (the hardware access layer, used by RegionKiller and CloneCD) did not initialise properly. This is usually caused by manual deletion of elby products without using the uninstaller. Uninstall CloneDVD, reboot, reinstall CloneDVD and reboot again
…and start using DVD RWs 'til you get it right :stuck_out_tongue:

yeh i’ve read that one… maybe i should read it thoroughly… thanks

Well, hope we can get you onto burning glory :wink:

Thanks future proof… ur my pal now… I wish i could invite u to my wedding… anyways i can burn laser dvds using nero… but when it comes to clone dvd… it dont work…
hey i think Olli had a writedvd patch somewhere… i found it once but the link dont work… tonight i’m going to uninsitall the driver from device manager and see if that makes any difference. if not i’m going to load my ghost image of OS.