WriteDVD 14 W2 error on TSSTcorpTS-H652L DVD Writer

Was not able to find anything on my specific drive issue in other posts.

When using a TSSTcorpTS-H652L DVD Writer (internal on a new HP m7490n computer), and attempting to copy to a +R DL DVD, I always get the [“source data too large” error: This writer is not capable of writing the source data as requested" Details: WriteDVD 14 W2.] All options are selected correctly on the software. DVD copies fine when using single-layer discs.

Have been using AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 for a long time with different computers and DL drives, with Verbatum +R DL discs and never had this problem. This drive copies to these DL discs on this computer using Nero and Sonic software, so I know the drive is ok. I can copy to an external HP DL drive using this computer and CloneDVD, so I know the computer is ok.

Are there any specific known issues relative to the TSSTcorpTS-H652L DVD writer and CloneDVD?


The drive is equal to the Samsung SH-S162L!

Can you tell us the steps that lead to this error?
Such as from the begginning, which option did you choose first and so on. … … … .

Start anyDVD, start cloneDVD2, insert original movie into dvd-rom drive, insert Verbatim +R-DL disc in writer, select “Clone DVD”, select video file from drop-down menu, select DVD+R/DL in drop-down menu next to quality bar, hit next, do not adjust speed menu (shows maximum) make sure DVD writer is selected, select go…

Everything goes as normal until it is time to write to the DL disc then I get the error. If I use an extenal HPdvd640e and this identical process it works fine as always, and the TSST drive copies ok using Nero and Sonic software, so it appears the issue is this drive relative to CloneDVD2.

Thanks for your help.