Writedvd 10 11 w2 error

hope this might help people with this problem you cans see more on my testing and such at slysoft forum


Ok I fixed the problem. This is going to take time to explain.

Fist I saw that the problem with Nero or Clonedvd was with the first part of the writing
I assume that writing the boot info. I fixed the Nero illegal mode this trak by going to zone alarm antivirus scan targets and unchecking the scan boot section for all drives. This did not fix the writedvd 10 11 w2 error that happens right as it started the write in Clonedvd.
To fix this I had to go to zone alarm antivirus advanced then exceptions and add the clonedvd.exe to the exceptions. Zone alarm has two select types for exceptions and they are trusted and on access.
I had placed the whole Clonedvd folder in the exceptions list for on access and it did not fix the problem. I placed the clonedvd.exe in the exceptions for on access and it did not fix the problem. I placed clonedvd.exe in the exceptions list for trusted and it fixed it. The difference is the trusted means the file will not be scanned with any scans, on access only excludes files from being scanned when they are opened .etc per zone alarm…
Nero illegal mode this trak

Uncheck boot sector scanning in zone alarm antivirus


writedvd 10 11 w2 error

In zone alarm antivirus go to advanced exceptions and add clonedvd.exe as a selection type trusted process exception.

I still think the writedvd 10 11 w2 error at the start of Clonedvd is a timing error and for some reason clonedvd takes to long to start the write and that an antivirus program slows it down even more. Either that or what ever the part of the program that gives the writedvd 10 11 w2 error has to short of time limit. Since I am not a software writer I will leave that to Slysoft.

Thanks for that samlar.

I’m sure that fix will be useful to some of the users here.


You should see the number of dvds and cds I wasted on finding this not to include a new motherboard that I wanted anyway. Also lots and lots of hours. Then the answer came to me this morning laying in the bed that zonealarm had to be checking the boot that was written to the disk even though it was set to not check the cd writers. From then it was all down hill I fixed the problem with nero and then figure out how to stop it from looking at all at what clonedvd was doing.
These anti viruses are getting to big and causing to much problems.
I am going to buy a few dvdrw when I go to town along with cdrws have some real old ones here somewhere but will get a couple of new ones. I bet a wasted fifty dollars worth of disk.