WriteDVD 10 11 W2 Error

OK. This is getting on my nerves.

I have CloneDVD installed. I’m also using AnyDVD

Since the last 3 updates of AnyDVD, I cannot burn anything. My burner is an NEC 2510A. It has worked flawlessly since day one. I have 1 NEW spindle of Fuji DVD-R, and 1 NEW spindle of Memorex DVD-R. I have used these brands forever, and never had a prob. The program reads the original fine, but as soon as it prepares to burn, that friggin error message appears.

The discs work fine in my other PC with a Lite-On drive (which I find to be shaky compared to my NEC) The other PC is using the same version of CloneDVD, but an older version of AnyDVD. There has to be some kind of corrupt file or something causing this nonsense.


How did you know it is AnyDVD related? Have you tried to disable AnyDVD while burning? If this still doesn’t work, it can’t be AnyDVD’s fault.