Write with Sony dvd burner, cannot read with other dvd drive


I have a Sony DVD burner DRU-710A and a AOPEN Combo drive 5232 AAH/PRO.

I am having a very weird problem using Sony DVD burner. I can write DVDs (burn data - single and multiple session, burn iso image etc) using the Sony DVD burner but when I tried to read it in the AOPEN combo drive, I cannot read the DVD at all… The DVDs can only be read when I used Sony DVD burner. I brought the DVDs to my laptop’s combo drive and the same things happens. There is nothing wrong with my AOPEN combo drive as I can play DVD movies on it and some of the data disc that my friends copied.

I’m writing with NERO 6 and mostly on the media DVD+R (written to type DVD-ROM).

Anyone have any idea what is wrong???



Sounds like a media problem-

What MID on the +R’s?


err… sorry but quite a newbie on these DVD stuffs… how do I find out the mid on the media? Its a no name brand without only the word “A1” printed on it, other than that I cannot find information written on the media.

Also, the same dvd can be read from the Sony DVD burner but not the AOPEN combo drive.