Write .VOB, .IFO, .BUP files to DVD?

What is the best and quickest way to write .vob, .ifo, and .bup files of a movie to a DVD so that the resulting DVD can be played on a regular, standalone DVD player? Which program specifically should I use? Also, the files are not encrypted.

Any advice is greatly appreciated - Thank you!

Using a burning program…


Check the forum…

You could use ImgBurn to do this.

Works ok.

The quickest way is to make a video DVD with Nero which will burn those files directly.

Nero does it, but ImgBurn is free. :slight_smile:

ImgTool Burn by Cuojo is free and you don’t have to build an ISO first. Just have all the files in the same folder and off you go BUT in needs the Nero API.

If you don’t have Nero, then ImgBurn can build and ISO and burn it.

No need to create an ISO with ImgBurn. Burn the files on the fly.

Not with ImgBurn on it’s own you can’t.

With ImgBurn ver 2.0 and above you can burn the files on the fly - no need to create an ISO file first.


Select Mode -> Build

Select Output -> Device

Select the VIDEO_TS folder you want to burn.

Press the burn button.

Doesn’t that build an ISO on the HD and THEN burn it? A 2-step process?


ImgBurn has a nice BUILD feature. It’s almost like using a regular burning app in that you add files and folders and then do the burning.

I recently did find out it also does like Nero’s DVD Project - you just supply it with the VIDEO_TS folder or point to the files (in build mode) and off you go. :slight_smile:

Glad someone knows the program… :slight_smile:

I do have to say, I really do wish that the thing had better documentation. LUK relies on guides made by other people as well as the forums to get the message out on how to get things done.

I mean, I am grateful to him for the program and that it is free, but I really wish he or one of his helpers / programmers would put a serious effort into documenting that thing so that people can learn how to take full advantage of it.

I see. It’s that “Switch To” function. Makes life a little easier.

I’m so happy for you then. :rolleyes:

Nice, but I keep getting message: “Fix VTS sectors failed.Reason:could not find VTS_01_0.BUP file”. BUT that file is in the VIDEO_TS folder! Any ideas?

[QUOTE=cynthia_old;1584158]Select Mode -> Build

Select Output -> Device

Select the VIDEO_TS folder you want to burn.

Press the burn button.[/QUOTE]